Sheet investigation on the status of agroecology and bioeconomy in the Caribbean states


Objectives of the Survey

Assess statistically the positioning of caribbean stakeholders with the concepts of bioeconomy and agroecology.

Intermediate objectives:

  • Assess the current innovation dynamics in the region and more broadly in the area of influence of the actors interviewed.
  • Assess the perception of concepts of agroecological transition and bioeconomy (agroecological transition of Caribbean farming systems; valuation and ownership; food and non-food agricultural products; etc.).
  • Identify, via the testimonials of the interviewed actors, the networks, organizations and individual stakeholders mobilized on the issues of agroecology and bioeconomy, in their areas of influence.



Function (Institution)




* Please, give the contact of another party if you feel that you are not the right person in your Institution

What is your representation of bioeconomy and agroecology

What level of knowledge do you have of bioeconomy and agroecology concepts

What does ‘bioeconomy’ mean to you ?

 Bioeconomy is based on the use of bioresources, raw material of biological origin derived from plants, animals, algae, waste or even micro-organisms such as bacteria and other single-celled organisms. The production of all of these raw materials is included in the BioHorizons project Bioeconomy is green technology Bioeconomy is an economy “based on the use of research and innovation in the biological sciences to create economic activity and public benefit.” It is an economy related to the production and distribution of bio-based products Bioeconomy is a scientific, technologic and economic strategy to create the necessary conditions for a transition from an economy based on fossil resources to an economy based on biomass (INRA, 2013). Here, it is more about a transformation of the economy we have been used to, rather than new activities added to our current economy. The focus is on this idea of transition, but also on the notion of development of new processes and products that will allow us to reduce our dependence on fossil resources. It concentrates on newer biotechnologies, so that the production of cheese is not part of the Bioeconomy here.

What does ‘agroecology’ mean to you ?

The Vision of the dynamics at work

Can you identify local or regional dynamics related to agroecology and bioeconomy in the past, present or future ?


Make a brief description

Involvement of stakeholders in these dynamics in your area (main characteristics of their related activities)


Geographical impact

Relation with farming

Dynamic step

Feel free to aggregate any comments about these dynamics

Your own involvement: how do you register in the current trend and how do you stimulate it ?

What are the current initiatives which you participate to ?

What are your roles in these initiatives ?

Do you see an interest to participate in an action that would allow an Observatory for the Bioeconomy at a Caribbean scale ?

Do you see an interest to participate in an action that would allow an Observatory for the Agroecology at a Caribbean scale ?

Would you like to be contacted about these topics (Phone and email) ?